EL - Hampton NH - 2014


Co-sponsored by
Chief James B. Sullivan, the Hampton Police Department
 FBI – Law Enforcement Executive Development Association


Hampton Police Department,
100 Brown Ave, Hampton NH 03842

October 27-30, 2014

The FBI - Law Enforcement Executive Development Association and Chief James B. Sullivan of the Hampton Police Department are pleased to announce an innovative three and a half day program - Executive Leadership being held in Hampton, NH.

This program is designed for senior law enforcement executives focusing on the emerging challenges facing our profession.  This highly interactive program follows the FBI-LEEDA “Cops Teaching Cops” model of professional development.  The seminar uses a wide range of source material and calls upon the participant’s professional experience to facilitate individual development and enrich the learning environment.  The course first looks inward to identify the forces of change and emerging trends within the law enforcement community, such as the challenges of merging the perspectives of Traditionalist, Baby Boom, Generation X and Millennial employees and presents leadership strategies to manage and adapt to the future conditions.  The program also looks into the future to forecast several emerging global “Megatrends” that are expected to shape conditions for the next few decades; discuss how those trends will affect the global law enforcement community and how police executives can influence and shape future conditions.

The following is a tentative agenda for Executive Leadership:

MONDAY, October 27, 2014

Paradigms and Change Objectives:

  • To understand how our worldview, perspectives and perceptions affect our decisions
  • To understand the Transition Model of Change including the 7 Dynamics associated with organizational and individual change


Generational Leadership Objectives:

  • To understand how we come by our principles and values
  • To explain how different generations of employees view the world
  • To help executives better deal with different generations in the workplace


TUESDAY, October 28, 2014

Power and Influence Objectives:

  • To discuss the various types of influence and power
  • To examine our own perception of power
  • To discuss ways to increase and more effectively use influence and power


Transactional and Transformational Leadership Objectives:

  • To identify the motivational factors inherent in Transactional Leader Behaviors
  • To discuss the effective use and limitations of Transactional Leadership
  • To understand the advantages and effective use of Transformational Leadership


WEDNESDAY, October 29, 2014

Global Futures Objectives:

  • To explore the range of forces and events that might possibly influence the future of policing
  • To identify those events that seem most likely to emerge


Policing the Future Objectives:

  • To understand how Global Megatrends will effect law enforcement in the future
  • To describe the opportunities the field of policing has to shape its own destiny


THURSDAY, October 30, 2014

Lessons Learned



Executive Leadership will begin at 8:30 AM on Monday, October 27, 2014, and conclude at 1:00 PM on Thursday, October 30, 2014. The Executive Leadership program will be held at Hampton Police Department, 100 Brown Ave, Hampton NH 03842.  Dress is business casual.   For hotel reservations, contact Ashworth by the Sea, 295 Ocean Blvd, Telephone: 800-345-6736. The rate is approximately $109 a night.

The cost of this course is $550. You can register on-line or contact FBI - LEEDA with any questions. For further information concerning the Executive Leadership program, hotel accommodations, or registration, please contact Donna Carpentier (FBI – LEEDA) at 1-877-772-7712, dcarpentier@fbileeda.org or get local information for this training opportunity by contacting Lt. Tom Gudaitis with Hampton PD at 603-468-4306 or email at tgudaitis@hamptonpd.org


Cancellation Policy:  FBI - LEEDA may cancel or postpone any course or activity because of insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances.  If a program is canceled or postponed, FBI - LEEDA will refund registration fees but cannot be held responsible for any other related costs, charges or expenses, including but not limited to cancellation/change charges assessed by hotels, airlines or travel agencies.  Requests for cancellation and/or substitution should be made by emailing Lynn Weber at lweber@fbileeda.org.  A $75 cancellation fee will be applied to all refunds.  Requests for substitutions for another class or of another attendee for the same class will be accommodated whenever possible.  Additional fees will not be charged for reasonable substitutions.  Refunds will not be issued for ‘No Shows”.  All registration fees must be paid prior to the start of the class.